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December 09, 2005



ma cherie! that sounds like a horrible day. that sucks that all that happened in one day. i hope you have a good weekend and can relax. i wish i could send over to you some mexican food!!!


Ms. Glaze

Thanks Nat, I think I need a vacation from my vacation and a well made margarita...



oh god that sucks. you totally should've bitch slapped that taxi driver. and i must say that tampons work way better than a paper towel for bloody noses. HAHAHHA i would pay to see you shove a tampon up your nose at cordon bleu! ahahha!
mmmm affordable sushi...im going to some right now!
love you..sara

Ms. Glaze

Hey Sara,
You're hilarious, god I miss you guys! You know that tampon en Francais actually means a stamp or to stamp. Secondarily it means to plug. Go ahead and ask your french teacher tomorrow in class what a tampon is :)

Bijous little diva

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