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My background in cooking is not linear but all the same an adventurous tale. I started cooking sixteen years ago while studying in London to be an actor.

I found the same joy in cooking that I had in theater: teamwork, monotonous preparation, exciting performances (known as lunch and dinner), and discovering that together we could create something more meaningful than we could individually.

Since then, I've crisscrossed Europe and the Bay Area cooking, acting, directing, and professionally teaching cooking and theater. Eight years ago I formalized my knowledge of cooking by attending Le Cordon Bleu Paris. After graduation I landed a stage with Guy Savoy who ultimately sponsored my work visa. There, I worked as Chef de Partie in a 3 Michelin Star Parisian restaurant for four years.

Homesick I moved to New York and cooked at Le Bernardin as Chef de Partie for two years, also a 3 Michelin Star restaurant, absorbing everything I could about fish cookery.

I am back in San Francisco for good now (at least I think!). Over the last two years I have opened three restaurants in the Bay Area including the new Citizen Cake.

Although I thoroughly enjoy the adrenaline pumped fast paced life of being a restaurant Chef my heart is here at Echo Valley Farm. This is my "Tara" so to speak. Echo Valley has been my long time produce purveyor and we have developed a close relationship. I am honored to work here focusing on farm to table dinners & events and production creation of all things edible, healthful, sustainable and beautiful.

Some background info on this blog: I began writing it in 2005 when I moved to Paris as a way to keep in touch with my cooking students and my friends & family back home. Little did I know there was a much bigger audience out there! I was the first blogger to chronicle my studies at Le Cordon Bleu and then later as a female cook in a 3-Michelin star Parisian restaurant.

Education: B.A. from Mills College, a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in English with a special authorization in Foods, Cuisine Certificate from Le Cordon Bleu plus basic certificates in Pastry and Wine