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October 18, 2005



Sadly, I only have about 1/13 of those fashion musts down: the converse. Atleast I think I have the colors down, I love wearing warm, fall colors. I must ask though, why did the 80's come back? As for the hippy-ish bags...I am a proud victim of the trend. Hehe.


I'm on the same page as Kari - All I have is the converse. This just reminds me way too much of the show ... the 80s scene was by far my favorite.


living in paris this year and dying to get my hands on a pair of skinny jeans! cant find them anywhere here, do you have any idea where i might find them?

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I recently bought a four door 1995 Chevrolet Blazer which I am pretty happy with so far. On the side there is a tag that says LT. I have seen other Blazers like mine with an LS or nothing at all on the side. What do these things stand for and how many different Blazer sub-styles are there?

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