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January 06, 2006



I didn't know you were writing a musical!!! That's so exciting. Are you writing the music too or just the script?


Better polish up your jazz and tap! It's a musical about cooking school–funny and heart renching at times too. I'm writing it with Josephina Lopez (author of Real Women Have Curves). Script should be done in a few months...hopefully...


Get out your tap shoes, Alice, Ms Glaze is doin' a show!
Hello, we haven't formerly been introduced: I'm a fellow In Paris Now blogger with a huge penchant for musical theatre. I was informally writing one last year, a loose combination of The Most Happy Fella and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas called The Best Crepeman in Paris.
There, now you know, don't take my idea :) but seriously, good luck with yours!!

Ms. Glaze

Oh that's funny! I can't stop laughing...what is it about Paris that inspires half written musicals anyways? Btw, Have you done any theater here?!?

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