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February 09, 2006



Oh, I am SO SO jealous! Did you have the gorgeous waiter this time? I'm not sure which was better, the food or the cute servers! Do you remember when my friends, Caryn and Chenin, took a wrong turn out of the bathroom and ended up hanging out in the kitchen? I have pictures to proove it! What a fun evening we had there last year! You should go there as much as possible since you know that they will close for the entire summer.

San Francisco Photorama

I like your blog...I am finally visiting Paris in October and can't wait to try some of the fabulous cuisine there!


j'ai beau être de paris, je ne connaissais pas cette adresse...donc c'est noté et j'y cours, je vous donnerai mes impressions...merci du tuyeau!!

Jim Todd

Hello, I am Carrie's dad, and we are finally getting a chance to go to this wonderful restaurant she recommended so long ago1 I will inform in a couple weeks as to my experience! jim

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