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February 12, 2006


Jenny Isett

Thanks for the wonderful commentary and info on crepes! I didn't even know that eating crepes had any significant meaning besides the fact that they are yummy.

Stuart Isett

"Thanks again Marine for all delicious fun :-) and to Stuart Isett (Pro photographer) for capturing our flambé moments."

I work better under fire!


That is a great action shot! Fantastic job!!


i absolutely love crepes. and thanks to crepes, thomas is now capable of ordering in a restaurant on his own now. interpreting the menu is a different story.

i must say, i love crepes with just a touch of powdered sugar and thomas is a nutella-banana man. everyone should taste test them all to decide which is the one for them.


I just found your blog and it was like finding gold. I'm a 19-year-old Canadian living in Paris, working as an au pair, and dreaming of the day I'll find a way of getting into the Cordon Bleu. Even though I'll be going back into journalism in September. I love your writing, stories and food photos. Thanks for the good read!


I love the crepes action! Looks yummy!


laura @ cucina testa rossa

that is the cutest baby i have ever seen. oh my god i want to squeeze those cheeks! i sound like my grandmother. kill me now.


What a wonderful post, I love the action shots. I enjoy making crepes but I find the edges always turn out too crispy. Do you have any recommended techniques?

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