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February 05, 2006


laura @ cucina testa rossa

oh my god, i thought the kidneys and brains and sweetbreads were bad enough in cooking school but we never used actual BLOOD! yikes! you're braver than I!


Here in Brazil this kind of chicken with blood sauce (transliterating it we call it "Chicken with Brown Sauce") is a traditional country dish. It is very appreciated and very common on farmhouses. I love it! For people who are not used to it, it may seems strange to use blood, but it is actually very tasty! Even on the big cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with over 10 million inhabitants, one can find live stock shops that would sell you the freshly slaugthered chicken with its blood drained and reserved so that one can make this recipe. Nevertheless the best chicken to be used for this dish is the "hicup" chicken, the chicken raised on the traditional and natural methods, fed on corn; and not the mass-market hormone grown chicken.


A galinha Cabidela ou ao molho pardo é sempre um prato que tem espaço em qualquer mesa que aprecie a boa e tradicional culinaria brasileira.

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