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February 03, 2006



Try the worringly named La Cucaracha on rue Tiquetonne (just off rue montorgueil). They don't boast about the imported flour like A La Mexicaine, but it's more mex than tex-mex...


well, this summer i couple new places to try out. thanks for the tips. and i love the "prefix." it took me a moment to switch accents in my head and understand "prix fixe." i forget sometimes what french sounds like.

laura @ cucina testa rossa

Ay caramba! I am supposed to go here this week with a friend that just moved here. We've both been craving mexican food! I'd kill for a good mole right about now.



Joanna & Jorge Rosado

We are from Merida, Yucatan and will be in Paris for Fiestas Patrias... we really want to find a great place to celebrate "con ambiente" (vamos a llevar las trompetas , serpentina y "banderas tricolor") We will be accompanied by 2 young Parisan friends who adore Mexico... Where do you recommend we go?

Ms. Glaze

That's a good question and I'm not quite sure that I can answer it well because there is not a large Mexican community in Paris. If you want excellent Mexican food then I suggest going to Anuahacali. If you want to hear music and you're looking for more of a festive environment I would go to A La Mexicaine. Both require a reservation and the restaurants and addresses are listed above. I hope this helps???

Elizabeth Morales

Don't stop at recommending the two on the list. The second one, "A la Mexicaine" no longer exists. A restaurant well worth the mention, widely appreciated is "Casa Palenque" in the 11th district. Owned by a lovely couple (wife is chef) this restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes (mole poblano, barbacoa, ceviche de pescado).Downside is it is not located in the best area in Paris, but once inside the decoration, ambiance and traditional homemade meals made it well worth the visit.

Term Paper

It's a festive place for a party with live mariachi music and beautiful decor and good authentic foods.


There also a restaurant in montparnasse which name is Hacienda del sol, same level as anahuacalli.
Or if you want real mexican cuisine at home you can also try "Liz Olivo, cuisine mexicaine", she is a "chef a domicile" and cooks really good mexican food.
Just check her blog : http://www.lizolivo.com

Bob Jain

If you want to hear music and you're looking for more of a festive environment I would go to A La Mexicaine.

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