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March 06, 2006



bon voyage and felicitations! please read the accent on the first e... i am to lazy to type it in right now.


Well good for you. Congrats.
Enjoy Portugal - - where it's bound to be warmer.


congrats on being done! love the uniform, btw, do you get to keep it?
have fun in portugal!


Congrats! I've been enjoying your blog, and was thrilled to see somebody that I know in your photos,
Keep us updated on the final session!


Congratulations babe! Enjoy your vacation and please don't hurt yourself surfing. You're AWESOME and I'm so proud of you!


Congratulations mon amie!! I loved the pictures of you in your uniform and in the kitchens -- the photos brought back a flood of memories. Cuisine sounds much more difficult than patisserie (and you need a stronger stomach!).
Have a fantastic time in Portugal -- I love Lagos! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures at Cordon Bleu in the Superior course.


hahaha alexander technique. i hope it worked. sounds like the class was a success.
and a surfing vacation? did you do bootcamp before this one? lol

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