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March 22, 2006



i haven't been able to eat frogs in years. it's a shame too since they are so tasty. mmm. i like the dancing frog photo.

San Francisco Photorama

Yum, yum, yum!!! The food always looks so good!!


My eleven year old loves cuisses...but that may be a sign of her growing up in San Francisco. The kids are adventurous here, don't you think? You see toddlers munching on sashimi here!

Ms. Glaze

Hey Buzzgirl, Love your blog and hope to see Paris soon. I was sent an article from SF gate that you might find amusing relating different cities and what types of kids they'd be if they were school (cheerleader, lineacker, etc). The SF "kid" definately has some truth in it.

Check it out:


Lots of people in Asia love frog legs. It's very chewy and yummy. In China the most common way to eat this delicacy (to us, not you) is either deep-fry with pepper and salt or dunk it in congee. Yummy both. My mom once cooked a frog leg dish for a friend from Califonia; I can still remember how she became totally transfixed when I explained to her what it is mid way through the meal...she barely touch the chopsticks thence... while we're piling up the table with frog leg bones...

Ms. Glaze

Chaxiubao– That is too funny :-) I can just see that whole scene.


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