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March 31, 2006



The question should be, how much money is LCB going to refund me for taking stuff out of the trash and teaching my wife how to cook it?


well. in the south, people eat anything and everything. from lamb fries to sweetbread to tongue to pickled pigs feet. oh and don't forget the chitlins.

i tend to not eat these things although i can honestly say that i have tasted them and pickled pigs feet are really good. so. to make a long story short: no recipe here.


So...here I am again...your fabulous cooking partner. I have to admit... Strangely, this recipe was the hardest for me to do. Being a vegetarian, (sort of, I eat seafood) I thought that maybe killing the lobster or pulling out the crawfish's intestine would be the most difficult, but no....dropping that sweet bread onto the cutting board and watching it continue to jiggle was the most horrible part for me. Interesting how that works isn't it?




Excellent post today babe...your fantastic writing skills made me recall how absolutely disgusting and vile sweetbreads are! I remember tasting and cooking them in my LCB cuisine class in London and the memory alone makes me gag. I wonder who the crazy frenchman was who decided that "mmmmm, I bet the thymus gland is tasty!"

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