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March 20, 2006



number 5 is a real big one for us. we are both so mentally exhausted when we get home that it is hard to cook. but thomas did find a cookbook that suggests other recipes for the week based on ingredients.

then there are the cookbooks that index based on ingredients... that helps when you know you'll have leftover chicken or cucumbers...


Working as an au pair who does the cooking and buys all the groceries every Monday, I have mastered this type of meal planning. Choose one day a week when you have time to shop, look through your cupboards before hand to see what you have, and make a rough menu for lunch/dinners when you'll be eating in. I've found that making your own quiches and pizzas can be quite light and really satisfying, and pre-bought crusts here are insanely easy but also very good (pate brise ou feuillete). Or stir frys with whatever you have left in the fridge, thrown together with soya sauce. Bon courage, it is worth it, time and money wise.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Love your answers. Thanks for the tag. Will get to it, promise!

And I agree, you do not always find good restaurants in Paris, and it can be $$ for nothing! Nothing beats home cooking ;-)


Thanks Amy for the props! I love your list. I actually started eating better this past week and am feeling so wonderful. Help me with some healthy recipies! :)

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