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April 07, 2006



yeah that hat is unexceptable


how does la Big Mac taste like?! And what's the green buree?! Lemon grass? or Green tea?! Or both not? Foodies can go nuts for guessing for the ingredient, you know...


What an interesting time to write about Macaroons. They are the unofficial dessert of Passover! Was this intentional? In any case some good macaroon recipes are now needed.



You look pretty good in that hat! You should see me in my LCB hat. I think it's too small for my head =oP

So I was looking into finishing up the superior pastry course in Paris, but the website says there's no interpreter for that level? Is it true?


I can answer your question Lynn! I am Amy's "cooking partner" at school. There is no translation. However, if you speak or understand french at all I don't think you will have much of a problem. The thing with the demos is that they are so visual. I don't speak french well but being at the school has helped me understand it even outside of school.

The green stuff is actually a pistachio creme anglaise!

Thanks for the compliments Amy!!


Ms. Glaze

Teri– You are right! I totally forgot that they are a great dessert for Passover. Let me look up the recipe in American Standard measurements for you. They are really fussy to make so the amounts need to be exact.

Lynn– So far I haven't had any trouble understanding what is going on in class and the last french class I had was about fifteen years ago. The demos are visual and the techniques are built upon one's previously learned. Superior is the best of all of the levels. I highly recommend finishing up!

Sara– bless you my old student who is now almost in college. I remember what you looked like in 6th grade and don't you forget it! (lol)

Chaxiuboa– the big mac was actually just a little too much sugar for my taste. But I had fun eating it anyway ;-)


This looks like the best macaroon ever! I'm ready for my 4pm snack over here!!! I will check out that place in the Ferry bldg. :)


thanks for the answers, Amy and Jamie. I'm definitely going to finish, the question is where. It's easier to go back to Tokyo but at the same time I kind of want my own adventure in Paris. My concern is that for superior pastry chocolate is a main subject and it gets quite techinical... but most of all, my French is almost non-existent =o( I'm planning to take some lessons and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice again!


I had a confusion too - I hate coconut, so had no desire to try the heralded "macaroon." The difference is that there is one less "o" in the wonderful pastries you describe...they're actually called macarons.

I had the cream of the crop at Laduree last week: http://www.laduree.com/public_fr/produits/macarons_accueil.htm

Ms. Glaze

Hey Buzzgirl. That's what I thought too, but apparently the English spelling is with two o's even if it doesn't have coconut. It sould sure settle the confusion though...


can i use your picture please it's for my ict coursework thank you

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