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April 27, 2006


San Francisco Photo's

I'm not much of a fan of squab but I did have it for the first and possibly last time at Fifth Floor here in San Francisco. I have to say it's def. and aquired taste. So if I keep having it I might get used to it but probably not. This recipe looks good though! Can we make it with chicken???


The first and last time i had pigeon was 25 years ago in France. But I do have to say I much prefer the 'spam' version of foie gras myself. Good luck - much as I love to cook, I can't say I envy your particular challenge.

King Negrito

yeahhh that looks great, I mean, just cook all that and mix it to do a soup !!!


My head is spinning but I have to give this a try. Squab with a balsamic reduction sauce, creamy asparagus soup, tomatoes roasted with bread crumbs and basil and potato latkes with glazed shallots. I'm a little lost in the technical rules so I may not have passed...


That list of ingredients really makes me want to go out to dinner-- to a good Chinese restaurant. (Hakkasan, in London. There isn't one in Paris.)

I admire you for being able to feel inspired when you see a list like that. Good luck with Guy Savoy.

(Besides squab, I also really don't understand how a nice French restaurant can put plain boiled or broiled potatoes with good food. To me they're like eating glue. But then I grew up in rice country.)


i LOVE pigeon. it is about the only thing those d@mn birds are good for.


Never had pigeon, I'll have to take your word for it.
Sounds like a fun game but I'm not much of a creative cook-- I just look through recipe books to see what I want to try. Or I through whatever vegetables I have in the fridge over pasta. I'm an extreme novice. But Gill tells me you've agreed to a little exchange of skills... looking forward to it! shall I bring my sweeney todd CD or would that be too gross?

Ms. Glaze

Maitresse – The Demon Barber of Fleet street? Bring it on along with your extra sharp razor. I'll provide the sausage grinder!

Gillian– are you sure you want to exchange skills? Sounds like you could give me a few lessons. Love the potato cake addition.

The King - ha ha ha SOUP! I love it. That would really surprise everyone.

Sam – Thanks for dropping by. Love your blog, great food and recipes. You're making me homesick.

Jeorg – I knew you'd like this one. Darn rats with wings...

Sedulia – Thanks for dropping by! Potatoes make me feel really heavy and tired, too much starch for me. They do soak up a lot of the grease that would otherwise be floating around the plate


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