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April 27, 2006



I'm a recent lurker, but am now rooting for you! (Vicariously experiencing LCB through your entries is the closest I've gotten to cooking school so far.) Good luck!


you are totally doing the right thing by rehearsing what you want to say in french... now you need to take the next step and start rehearsing what they might say to you. when they do start talking, it won't throw you as much.

and you'll get it. and when you do, can you invite me???


So I really hope you get it. That would be amazing. And who knows, maybe we'll even stop in France this summer. Oh, are you still interested in coming to see our tour choir? You mentioned a while back that you might stop by when we're in Prague. Let me know, and I'll give you the dates. And if not, I hope I'll see you soon - I miss you!


I'd do some sneaky stuff.

Call in and ask for the name of the chef.

Send a nice letter/postcard, thanking him for taking the time to wipe his hands on his apron, to check out your frankenstein hair, and hear your mantra....

Lay it on thick.

You want me to call in for you to get chef-boy's name? Just send me an e... I'm all over it for you.

Ronan O'Sullivan

Amy - So you are an exceptional chef and very modest! I hope you had a good evening in Montauk - I liked your story. Take good care of yourself - Ronan

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Lovely. Have you thought of compiling all the recipes you have?

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