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April 19, 2006



that looks so very pretty.


Guess I have to add one more book to my library......looks yum!


Hello darling! The lamb looks delicious...I love the presentation. Are you hanging out with some British friends (with your use of the word "Mum")? I love it!

San Francisco Photorama

OMG, those look so YUMMY!!!!!!!


I love the presentation, nicely done! Can you explain what brik pastry is? Would phyllo make an adequate substitute?

Ms. Glaze

Hi Karen – That's a great question...

Both phyllo and brik are thin pastry that is made from compressed flour and water. I've never heard of actually making it by hand, but they both can be bought. I find that they are interchangable but the taste and texture does vary.

Phyllo dough is more flaky and gives the illusion of puff pastry flakiness. Normall you brush 3-4 sheets with melted butter, layer them on top of eachother, and fill with desired food. Due to the butter it has more taste too.

Brik pastry is normally layered in one or at the most two sheets. It is more simple and elegant look in in design. The pastry is brushed with olive oil normally instead of butter so it's not as tasty.

They both cook for the same amount of time, so aside from a slight change of taste and a more flaky appearance, you can definately use phyllo for brik!

Ms. Glaze

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