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April 02, 2006



Was the orange juice reduction sauce quite simple? I can't see myself making something as beautiful as this rouget, but I would love a nice orange sauce to pour over cod or salmon some day!


did the gingerbread have licorice in it? in dijon they put that in. i never understand theneed to use licorice as a spice. t's mom just gave us some plum preserves with licorice in it to spice it up. it is quite nasty. not a licorice girl at all...

Ms. Glaze

HI Gillian! The sauce reduction is really easy but requires a few pots.

Take one shallot and mince. Add 100ml white wine and reduce to 2 Tablespoons over low heat. Reduce juice of two oranges to a syrup over low heat. Mix the two reductions together and whisk in 100g of butter little by little to make a beurre blanc sauce (that's a lot of butter!!!!). Let simmer for 2 min. to complete emulsion and strain out shallots. You can add brunoised carrots and orange peel that have been precooked too.

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Jeorg!

The gingerbread did not have licorice in it and I wonder if it would be overpowered by the cinnamon and nutmeg. What did you think of the one you had in Dijon?

I think it's one of those spices that is best when paired with one or two other subtle flavors not a whole bunch of strong ones.

I did have a licorice flan the other day that was delicious. Just plain milk with licorice spice and a little caramel. It was pretty too because the opaque white milk custard was flecked with little dots of vanilla and licorice.

I do like licorice, but typically the candy kind that comes in long twisted black ropes ;-)



I just found your blog by clicking on the link at blog top sites. Love your pictures and interesting reports about Le Cordon bleu. I'll sure come back!


Cool. I remember I ate once the red mullet in Paul Bocuse cooked in similar style, though with a heavier reduction. Do they available all year long or there's a in season for it?


This meal looks delicious... how can I find the recipes for the red mullet with scalloped potato crust, the orange sauce, and the broccoli flans?

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