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April 24, 2006



just relax and remember that the more pressure there is to survive and accomplish your goals, the more likely your french will improve. so what if you don't get it on the first day that he is asking for a "shucked camembert stuffed in goat balls" (totally made that up :) ), but you will. language is time. if you want it, you'll get it, you'll do it and you'll succeed.

and by the way. fake it with confidence.


Amy, you are amazing! I had no idea that you were working in the bottom floor kitchen and I'm impressed. That place always gave me panic attacks and I HATED having to go down there! I think your hard work WILL be rewarded with a great stage, and I only hope that one day I can peel potatoes in the corner of one of your restaurants!


I've made résas at Guy Savoy for my boss... I had no idea it was so special...

You'll manage doll. Just keep your wonderful foreign-ness and lovely errors and you'll get that "carrotte".

Kristen Nweea

I loved this entry! I have to say quite honestly... I think you will do fine and judging by your attitude and approach -- you'll be superb! This was a wonderful entry to read. As one who owns a gourmet French food website http://www.splendidpalate.com I can understand the happenstance errors (and perfections) of communicating in French. Bravo to you for your efforts and best wishes for great success. On the home front and in my travels I will be thinking of you... P.S. A favorite cook book in my library is from Guy Savoy! Perhaps on my next trip to Paris in the fall I will find you in the kitchen!


I just wish you all the best for your culinary adventure in Paris.

And make sure your better half don't visit you at work, if you were working in Guy Savoy. Etienne the maitre d' is a hellava dashing guy in *caramelized color* suit, even from the eye of a straight guy. But I think he'd understand, it's Paris after all...


Bonne chance mon amie! Vous serrez bien dans la cuisine professionale, bien sûr

J'étudais la cuisine à Lyon et j'ai sympathie pour vous

Les français sont difficle et impolie mais ils ont la cuisine le mieux

Ok, enough of my awful french. You'll do fine. Remember why you went to LCB et France...the best cuisine non? Yes. It's challenging when you're a bit older, and particularly if you've had another life/career experiences and now you're in a kitchen with someone who barely made it out of HS...screaming at you. I did it when I was 46...I was ready to ring their little french necks.. But take heart, the french are rude to all, including each other. It's cultural. France is a beautiful country, the best food in the world and a beautiful language. Good luck!

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