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April 23, 2006



Amy, I am SO impressed with the video! You did a fantastic job and I loved every minute of it. I haven't filleted a fish in years, but now I'm determined. And I miss your apartment SO much - I had flashbacks from Bastille Day 2005 with Eric's famous G & Ts and us swigging the good champagne in your kitchen so we didn't have to share with the people on the roof! Ah...how did I get from filleting a fish to champagne?!!

Ms. Glaze

I'm glad you could view it. I think I might have to change the format a little. Was it clunky or did it run smooth for you?

Can't wait to have you over to the roof again. I'm getting a shipment of plants tomorrow to make up for all the ones I killed this winter.

I've got a G&T with your name on it anytime your ready...

Ms. Glaze


The video was a little clunky for me, but I was still very impressed with your profesionalism. It's only too easy to see you with your own cooking show! You've got the charisma, looks, and I bet Jamie Oliver can't fillet a fish...


oh GOD that was the grossest thing ive ever seen. oh my god eww the eyes and the innards comming out and everything. i had to turn away! ahhh...but i loved your commentary during it. that was hillarious.

id say stick with the pastry videos... less eyeballs.

Mlle Smith

Are you kidding me?! This is absolutely incredible! I'm really enjoying these videos, thank you so much!


A really nice video, thanks. I'm going to practice on a fresh mackerel now before I go on to my boyfriend's trout!

richard d'amico

good video... no nonsense... to the point in most instances... I will try to fillet the fish tonight

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