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May 22, 2006



Congratulations Ms. Glaze! How exciting, and your plate looks gorgeous too!

You know, I think your chef Didier might have taught a couple of classes in the London campus--does he have a, ahem, a mustache so large, it can be seen when he has his back to you?


Your plates look great and good for not stressing and being zen. In fact all of the plates look pretty fantastic, without being there to taste them, from the looks of things does anyone ever fail?

bon chance!


Ms Glaze, you're a zeniac! How can you find time to take pictures (what's that on your head?!) while cooking for final exam? It's not fair, you're showing off...





Dude, you are amazing! Congratulations! but are you sure it's hygenic to wear your cooking accoutrements on your head?

Ms. Glaze

Tejal– A grande moustache? Oh la la! No I've never known him to have one but the thought is so funny. However there is another chef who just retired (Boucherer) that used to sport a little grey stach. What did he look like, do you remember? The chef's do travel around a bit and do demos in other countries.

Sam– Thanks for your words of encouragement! To answer your question: people do fail. In our group most people created recipes that they felt were in their skill level and that suited their own tastes and international backgrounds, which accounted for the beautiful range of plates.

Also, I think that the quality of teaching is excellent, so the plates are not only a reflection of how talented the students are but how well the teachers are doing.

There was a student who failed last time and it was sad. Imagine having to pay all over again – yikes!

Chaxiubao – I really didn't have time to take photos, but I knew if I didn't that I would be so mad at myself later! Most of my photos are at the beginning and at the very end. Our Iron Chef really is great in front of the camera and kept adding to my picutres like putting that chinois (lol) on my head and the whisk in my hand – that was all him! Too funny!!!

Sara – You little diva you! Break a leg at your upcoming improv show. Wish I was there to see it. And you're right, improv does equal life.


wow. so very cool. your blog is like watching top chef as the curve balls are thrown. and it looks delish!


Well good for you. Great pics to boot.

I've done basic and I'm feeling somewhere between
1) inspired and 2) frightened
to take the next level courses.


hmm, maybe I was thinking of Boucherer. I've asked a few of my old classmates about this guest teacher over the past couple of years--everyone remembers his mustache, but noone can remember his name! =)


Ms. Glaze,

You did a fantastic job. I'm sure that the judges will love your dish. It looks absolutely beautiful--the plating is perfect. If your food tastes half as good as it looks, you'll get an A for sure.

Good luck and congratulations on a job well done. Can't wait to hear about your adventures as an intern.



Felicitations! Nous sommes tres heureux pour toi!

natalie et gilles


You were fantastic! I was very impressed with you, especially at the end. Cool as a cucumber!

And your food was amazing! I ate all the leftovers, I should know!

Love ya girly,
Your life cooking partner!

Shaula Evans

Amy, it has been such a pleasure to watch your Cordon Bleu adventures over your shoulder while reading your blog. I've never even met you, and I feel proud of you!

I wish you the very best with you stage (Bon Courage!) and I'm sure you will do marvelously well. I look forward to reading all about it.




your food looks great and you make that in your final exam??

hai ms.glaze my name is maxi, i came from indonesia ( if you know, if not maybe bali)
i want to ask to you if we take a class in le cordon bleu can we take part time job?? because the cost is really expensive their..

thanks i really appreciate if you send me an email....

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