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May 27, 2006



Hey baby!

I just wanted to say 'Thank you' to you and your family for including me on this special day. It meant a lot and I would not have gotten through it by myself. I love you parents! They made me feel very at home and I cannot tell you how much I cherish My Cookin Pahtnah's and her Hubby's friendships. You're the best!

Can't wait to read more about your stage! Only a few days left of total freedom. Take advantage!

With love,



Next to our wedding, this was the proudest time I've been of my lovely wife. I'm glad I was there for both of them. :x


i would tell you ça s'arrose, but apparently you already celebrated! congrats and you will make a fine chef one day, of this everyone is sure.


Congrats! It has been so fun reading about this journey of yours. I can't boil and egg but I enjoyed reading about your culinary adventures. Bonne chance at Guy Savoy!



You're already off to a much better start than that other famous US import to French cooking, Julia Child.

From the NY Times: "Then, in October 1949, she signed up to learn the real thing at the École du Cordon Bleu.

The making of "Julia Child" began here, but the road would still be long. For a start, in the school's "short, thin, rather disagreeable owner," Julia at last met someone in France she didn't like. Then, 18 months later, she failed her final examination. "

I love your blog and can't wait to hear about the stage!


Gilles and I congratulate you! I loved being able to read about your graduation even though I am thousands of miles away. You look so happy! Enjoy your days off before Guy Savoy!



ohhhhh, congratulations! so happy for you. and what a feel-good entry. made me smile!!


I've just started reading your blog and absolutely love it - felicitations on such a special day, and can't wait to read your adventures as you start the apprenticeship!

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