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May 14, 2006


Gillian Young

Thank you so much!! You were amazing! Refreshments later may be a good idea to avoid me hacking the artichokes to death...but those were some fine cocktails. Can't wait to do it again, good luck with your final exams!


Hey there! The food was amazing! You are a really super teacher. I can see why all your students love you so much to keep in touch! And don't fret, I will come and be your personal dishwasher whenever needed!

Chaio bella


Thank you so much! I had so much fun!

The only thing that might be as weird as meeting over blogs is seeing photographs of the food you ate for dinner last night on the internet.

I'm sorry all I could do was drink your beer and cry in your bathroom. Thank you for doing your best to cheer me up and I promise once I'm through this little dark patch I'll be more fun to hang out with!

L xx

Ms. Glaze

Hey Maitresse, You're adorable! We were totally charmed by you – tears or no tears. Next time we'll skp the cooking lessons and watch "Like Water For Chocolate"



That looks so professional! sounds like fun :)

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