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May 25, 2006



I had no idea you were so morbid! You will have to tell me all about your predesigned gravestone sometime!


Thank you for the mini tour!

Congratulations on your graduation from Le Cordon Bleu. I'm new to your blog but absolutely adore its name! I look forward to reading what is to come!


then you should most definitely take your mom and dad out to chartres and do the malcolm miller tour. he is a curmudgen (sp?) but well worth the tour...


I've been dying to get up there! (no pun intended) I too am a medieval history geek. The cathedral was designed, I believe, by Abbé Suger, a close associate of Eleanor of Aquitaine... one of my favorite historical figures, and whose tomb I recently visited in the Loire Valley (in Fontrvrauld Abbey). That would be a good place to take your mom on a day trip!


Wow, she gave me the heebie-jeebies, as well. She was DEFINITELY eyeballing you.


what I heard is that the film Marie Antoinette got waves of roasting reviews at its Cannes premiere. i think i'll skip the film and go rubbing the breasts...

Ms. Glaze

Jamie– you of all people should know how morbid I am. Who was it that volunteered to clean monk fish?

Ivonne – Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog http://creampuffsinvenice.typepad.com/

Jeorg– funny you should mention Malcom Miller at Chartres because my mom and him get along famously. She went on her last visit to France. Honestly I'm surprised she didn't run away with him, they have all that history stuff in common

Maitresse – you have got to go! Definately one of the cooler historical visits in Paris and not overloaded with tourists. I love Eleanor of Aquaitane and you're dead on about the architecht Suger. Thanks for bringing him up!

Hi Coco – I know she's looking right at me. Creepy! My Dad thinks she's the Mona Lisa of tombstones. I'm not convinced.

Chaxiubao – It was tempting...oops, did I say that out load? I heard that Cannes loved the movie too, but the New York Times didn't. I want to see it regardless.

Noel Quinones

Three yaras ago , on a cruise ship,I read a 600 pages book on Maria Antoniette. I became practically obseed with the character. Thanks for the info regarding her burial site. Now on my next trip to Paris I want to take the whole tour . Her life at Versailles, The route to her imprisioment, where was her trial, burial site, where was she captured during the escape attemt, etc... Any info about this> Thanks in advance, Noel


i think it's cool you visited all these places!! i would love to go!!! i think it is appauling though how they depicted marie antoinette, I mean she had her faults but alot of the things she was accused of, weren't even true. i would love to visit her grave though.

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Oh I visited St. Denis last year and this is an extraordinary place. The Gothics halls are impassive in its majestic feeling, I actually thought that the queen will be out soon :)

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I think, this theme is quite actual now. I'm new to your blog but absolutely adore its name! I look forward to reading what is to come!

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