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June 08, 2006



It makes sense to me that the kitchen would be French speaking only - why ever not - its FRANCE! Just think how President Bush has said that the US anthem is not allowed to be sung in Spanish. I am all for immigration, but I am also for countries striving to hold on to their national identities too. For me the charm of Paris is that they all speak French, even though, like you, I struggle to understand and get quite frustrated whilst I am there.

But you'll be fine - you are obviously manage to hold your own in a kitchen full of cheeky boys!


Wow, congrats on holding your own in such tough and intimidating circumstances! I probably would have been holding back tears if someone had talked to me like that! It's great you were able to get through and even connect with the staff at the end!


What a great post. Good for you, honey. Next time they ask for the "kiss on the cheek," I dare you to turn your hiney around and point at it.

: D


You are just the kind of person to succeed in this rather intimidating environment! I really admire your coolness and sense of humor (and love of good food). A lot of people would have been angry or shy, but you did just the right thing: laugh, flirt just enough without going too far, and above all not take them all too seriously.

Probably very few French women could have carried it off as well as you did, and they are probably nicer to you because they know American women do everything!

As for the English, I don't think it's because you're American or because they're worried about chaos. A lot of people who speak only one language are sure that others speaking a language they don't understand MUST be talking about them. Therefore they think it's rude. (The English are always complaining that the Welsh speak Welsh in pubs even though there are English people there; Californians complain about Mexican-Americans-- as though it's somehow rude for people to speak their own native language.)

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this interesting life of yours!


i see both sides of this. i really understand the coffee maker though because he probably got yelled at so many times for using the common language of english and he didn't want to let you get away with it.

although, i don't know if you realise why you are getting cut a wee bit more slack on the language issue than most others... you... amy, are an attractive woman, and that goes a long way in france. and don't let them get you down. time. it takes time.

Ms. Glaze

Jeorg – I think you're right about being cut a wee bit more slack for now, which in some ways is a saving grace. Only one time did one of the main chefs really yell at me (for something not important at all) and he normally comes down hard on everyone else. I wonder how long it will last though...

Sedulia – Thanks for dropping by! I love your blog. I'm sure you've noticed that women must keep a balance between holding their own, not giving in too much, and having a sense of humor about all the sexual stuff. Sure is different than home...

Tana – Just for you I think I will try that and see what happens :) Although the cheese server commented yesterday that he likes it when i have to reach up high for things so he can look at my tushy. I'm working with the hormonally challenged...

Anita – Thanks for the encouragement! Every drop counts...

Sam – Yes, I agree that countries should retain their own langauge and their own identity. I guess my frustration is based on why I can't talk in a different langauge to some one else if it's not during service or to one of the main chefs? Seems extreme. But I guess that's the breaks!


I can't think why coffee guy got his grinder in a knot. Especially to a point where he tattle tales. How petit.

Soon enough, you'll get the swing of GS's kitchen language. Hell, you've already picked up a lot if you get the kitchen laughing (with you, or course)...

It's been my experience that the French are less prone to put up a stink if intimate innuendos come up in conversation. Sometimes I'm amazed at some of the stuff that gets joked about at work, but hey, it makes for a livelier environment.

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