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June 29, 2006



sorry about that, it posted by accident. i love cherry season too and getting to spit the pit in the gutters is fun...


I love your blog! though i'm french i love to read paris blogs by americans -i am abit of an americanophile (yes, the word exists!) as well as a paris lover- and i love how your description of your life here is not all "la vie en rose-amélie poulain-ish", or all "parisians are such dirty-rude-heavy smoking people". i think you are very courageous to do what you're doing and i hope to be able to afford a meal in the 3-star-rated restaurant you're bound to open someday!


I'm just getting together a post on Paris' cherries & I'll put a link to this one. Maybe I'll finally make your Clafoutis with all the cherries I bought to paint...looks wonderful


OK I finally got some cherry ptgs done and added a link to your recipe link here

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Jen@ jasmine green tea

I really love to try this recipe, unfortunately no fresh cherries available in our place. Is their any alternative? like preserved cherries or something like that? Thanks


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Many Romanies do not even get that far.

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