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June 10, 2006



thomas learned the hard way that he loves couscous. we were in paris last summer and went to a great couscous place in the middle of nowhere. he didn't order any couscous b/c he confused for hummus (which he does not like) and pouted the entire evening at his mistake.

now. he asks now when it comes up, "is it couscous i like or hummus?"

Ms. Glaze

Oh that's too funny! Poor Thomas! Paris has some amazing Morocan and North African restaurants. Next time...

Ms. Glaze


Hmmm... I'm a couscous neophyte. A friend of mine made some the other day and I finally tried it and it wasn't bad. I don't know why, but I've always avoided couscous. I've always had a slight phobia about it (along with hummus, oysters and caviar.) Incidentally, I'll be trying caviar next week. I've been feeling a little adventurous lately. :)


Where do you find vanilla oil and how do you get the cucumber to sit so beautifully? This salad looks divine!

I'm a huge fan of couscous salad. It summer I tend to make big batches packed with tomatoes, corn, raisins, basil, olive oil, lemon, lots of cumin and whatever else I can find. It's always delicious, and I'll throw some into an endive leaf if I crave elegance.

My mom is gone so I don't know about Guy Savoy. Does anybody go just for cocktails or dessert (or something I can afford)? Would love a kitchen tour!


Amazing photos!!
I love that 1st one especially..are we going to get the recipes?

Ken Romero

Just found your blog. NICE! I lived in Paris for six months from August 1969 - March 1970. Too busy drinking wine and chasing women to really get into the food! Since have gotten into cooking and really appreciate fine food.

I envy your time in Paris, the Cordon Bleu and your work in the restaurant.

I'll be following your blog as I publish mine in Lafayette, LA.

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