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June 01, 2006



the food sounds great and that's so cool you got to cook!! hope you got a good rest. i can't wait to hear more!



so glad for you!

wondering what food you guys eat during the long lunch break, eat out or eat in? I know some european trainees just smoke through the whole pack of cigarettes at the backalley.

Ms. Glaze

Thanks Nat and Chaxiubao! We do get fed on the job – lunch and dinner. Both were lasagna type dishes with bechamel cream sauce baked with cheese on top. Fat city. I did manage to nibble a little truffle shaving when no one was looking...hee, hee ;-)

Off to work!


Congratulations on finishing your first day! It sounds so exciting -- I love that you ate there and that the staff recognized you. A great way to start your time at Guy Savoy!
Hope all is well!


Hi!!! I am so excited for you! I am just glad they didn't make you cut peas all day long!

I loved that dish so much...I am going to try and recreate it for my mom while I am here!

Miss you guys all ready!

Cooking pahtnah


Congratulations on your first day!
I'm hungry.
xoxo lauren


this is so awesome. sorry about the fatigue, it should get better though... right??? it get's better?

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