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June 13, 2006


Chez Christine

I bought some today and just had them raw in some salad- amazing! Been wondering about these for a few weeks and finally caved in and got some :)


Sounds awesome.


Oh Ms. Glaze! The Almonds! They are so delicious and so beautiful and every time I see them at the market it makes me glad one more time to be here. Mmmmm.

From Our Kitchen

I didn't know you get almonds like that! They sound so good, I'll be on the lookout for them.


Sounds incredible... Unfortunately, I think they are pretty hard to come by in Tokyo.


hahah! we grow those in our front yard (along with those quince) but the squirrels usually get to them before we can figure out what to do with them.


I've seen these green velvet almonds briefly in the Greek markets in Astoria every year & had no idea what to do with them? I'm going to see if they are still there...THANKS :)


How interesting to run across articles about green almonds today, as they are all over my yard right now and I was wondering if they were edible. So far, Ms. Glaze, your method of preparing them sounds the best of all! Simplicity usually is.

Roxanne Gentile

Thank you for posting this. I just got these at the farmer's market yesterday and the guy told me to put them in the oven whole and roast them. I am so glad I looked into this further because I just popped one open (that's another story though - how do you open the outside without cutting off your fingers? - and it was really delicious. I'm so glad I didn't ruin them by cooking.


We have them everywhere in Jordan :)
usually eat them with the green shell.. some salt


My daughter saw children eating them at school in Jordan , so she asked me to buy them for her. Amazingly she taught me how to eat them too,you eat every thing from the green fury shell(a slightly sour) to the watery almond inside. I bet it has a very nuitricious values.


hi i just moved into a place and there is 2 trees down the back and they are covered in them can someone tell me when is the best time is to pick them to eat thanks


I've seen them in a market in Anaheim, calif. I didn't yet buy any since they are a bit pricy, but I am so glad to learn about how to eat them. I am looking further to see if there are any special dishes to make from them.

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