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June 19, 2006



"chiseling a vegetable into a sculpted piece of art", that's the purpose of ENA, right ?

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Looks delicious! Also, hope you are dealing well with the new job! I read your previous posts and it did not seem to be la joie!


here in germany at the moment, i would kill for a vegetable other than a potato or say cabbage. that looks delish. and i too love bacon and scallops.


Breath-taking photo AGAIN Amy.
And a delicious variation on my almost daily steamed artichoke. I'm going to try this though I do hate to throw away the leaves too...


I just made the artichoke with scallops for dinner. Fantastic. Me and my boyfriend loved it. The sauce was not enough! Next time I will make it for friends. Thanks for the easy but impressive recipe.


I forgot to mentioned that I used frozen artichokes. I cooked them in a pot with a bit flour, a dash of lemmon juice, a tiny bit of sugar and salt, along with one yellow onion and olive oil and water. So it was easier then pealing the artichokes and all. Frozen artichokes are not bad at all...

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