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July 16, 2006



all i can say is 'wow'


i'm here. i'm here. but i am afraid that thomas would kill me if i went without him. although, death by food is not that bad...


I will, I will. Only my guess is that I won't make it before I retire and be able to afford it, which I guess is too late to catch a glimpse of you there. (or atleast I hope you'll have moved on by then, unless you're the Chef de Cuisine by then).


WOW ! This is an awesome post and an amazing offer!
Is there a prix-fix lunch at GS?
Can you do dishes?
I love the details here - almost like being there.


It all sounds soooo gorgeous. One of these days...

Ms. Glaze

There is a special 100 euro tasting menu for lunch that is four courses and tons of desserts. You need to ask for it when you make a reservation and say that you saw it on their website. It does not include wine, but really gives a great overview of the food. It's a LOT of food but also a lot of fun. I'm more than happy to help out with menu suggestions....

ps. looks like I'm moving to the meat section and working with the chef de viande!!! Yippeee!!

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