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July 24, 2006



ah what i would give to strangle a chicken. i personally think that butchering must have the best release for tension. seriously, you can hack and then be artistic and detailed. so very cool.

you are doing what seems to be a great job, and enjoy the frigo.


So how do you guys manage the Jello in this kind of heat? My toothpaste is hotter than my body temperature. I'm having cold duck in my bath tonight. :)


When you have free time you should definitly do me a choco cake !!!


I used to be a chef and caterer in New york before i moved to Paris and started my blog. I once had my electric turend off by mistake right in the middle of cooking for a huge Christmas party and a good client. It was a nightmare and I had to borrow my neighbors oven. I also just escaped the NY blackout a few years ago.


Ah trial by fire!
What a pro you've become.
Now you're part of the team. I can't imagine what it's like to work in these conditions and wearing hot chef jackets too!?

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