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July 30, 2006


Mad William

You manage to make me miss the kitchens and I can almost taste the food.

Oh how I long for Paris.
I hope you are with them for a long, happy time.
Please post your photos as well.


great story! i hope we get to see your glamour fotos!


I am jealous of you too! It can't be helped. I can live with it ;)


How fun on so many levels! Esp. to show them the different ways of a woman.

I have a question that's a little strange in this context....I'm looking for eco ways to clean
(pregnant, etc. ). What's in the vinegar water mix that the restaurant uses? If it's good enough for a 3 star, it's gotta be good.

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour SFGirl -- I'm on my home in one day for vacation!!! Yippeee!!! Can't wait to be back in the Bay Area again. To answer your question, we use vinegar water (lots of white vinegar in warm water)after scrubbing down with disinfecting soap because it's cuts through grease and leaves everything sparkling. It's great to clean stainless steal with however, it doesn't kill bacteria as far as I know.


What a brilliant story. You must be a good person because such lovely things happen in your life. As my father says, what goes around, comes around. Enjoy your holiday.


That's a WONDERFUL story and you deserve it all. It shows too how much they enjoy and appreciate your presence there-what a nice team to be a member of!
Congrats Amy :)


You must post your photos of the photo shoot. Please! ;)




What a wonderful story, delightfully told. Your colleagues sound wonderful. Makes me miss my chef father. . .

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

So so cool! I loved reading your post! Well done!


I'm back from down under and trying to catch up on your multitude of successes. All I can say is, wow hot mama you clean up good! I'm diggin' the sass too, way to dish it up. I'm glad karma kicked in and threw some tasty (and well deserved) perks your way.

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