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August 02, 2006


Christine Cassidy

Good for you, always take the high road, not always easy. I just love your writings about this job! Have a great vacation.


Amy, you go girl. I am so glad you did not fold with the so called "present" . I believe in Karma and he will get his!
I have just found your site and I do enjoy reading how you are going. You remind me of my daughter who started in the difficult career of the "rag trade"years ago , she did not give up and is doing really well. I thought the photos for your fellow chefs a thoughtful gift and you know what - so do they the bastards!
Have a martini for me.
Love from Australia


WOW! More trial by fire-these guys show no mercy. He must be major jealous but he showed his hand to everyone including the head chef=not a good thing IMO. The CD gift was a GREAT idea! Brill in fact. Good for you Amy :)


be careful wityh Martini you might be tempted putting too much pepper in his salsa...;)

Mad William

Great job!
Enjoy your Vacation, it sounds well deserved.

Check my comment to your comment for the short version of details.

If any of your Vaca takes you to the Oregon coast email me. Martinis are my fav.


I admire your handling of the situation. Enjoy your hols.

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