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August 21, 2006



This reminds me of a post sam (from becks and posh) did a while ago: 'foodbloging makes you fat'.
It's so hard to cook all day and not too eat too much.
Good luck


hahahaah "gag me with a serving spoon" i miss that show. that was great.


eek! you quoted me!

ah, i miss that show too. I heard you were back in town, though I doubt you still are. I hope you're doing well - it sure sounds like it.

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Christine!!! Thanks for letting me steal your line – my favorite line in the show. Did I miss you in Europe on tour? I was back in town for a little bit, but not long enough unfortunately.

Hey Sara – your CD is awesome! I love it and I listen to it over and over again. It makes me cry. Your voice is just beautiful. Hope you keep working on it with a new voice teacher!?!?! and stay away from those nasty cigarettes.

Fanny – You are right, it is very hard to not eat while cooking all day. I love to taste, taste, taste. When my nose smells something good my saliva glands get going and I have to have a little bite.


I visited New York last February and got a dose of that crazy skinny American stuff. Get back to Paris quickly.


I wouldn't stress out too much about those extra pounds, because you look absolutely fabulous. You are one slim and sexy chef my dear. Still, I'm impressed as always by your incredible drive and determination.


Ms. Glaze,

Great post! I love calorie-count.com and find it a useful tool for gauging what exactly I'm eating during the day ... not just calories but fat intake, etc.


"ten pounds is one huge sack of potatoes" I really love this one, but I have a question for the diet specialitsts: if you eat the potatoes, do you loose weight?

Kari Hoffman

Oye. I've never been a calorie counting type of person, but this summer I would hear my friends say "so-and-so put on weight in college..." and I'm like UHHH that's SO not going to be me! I should check out that website some more...

Weight Healthy

i'd love to go their!!! so i can have my calories counted as well.

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