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August 29, 2006



Oh thank you -- not for the recipe, but for the permission to not like eating tongue.

I've tried, really I have. I want to be the person that casually sits down in front of a beautifully prepared tongue, and eat it without looking like I'm gagging it down.

It does look pretty, though. In the "after" picture.

Kari Hoffman



gross. just the idea. not your cooking.


I happen to love tongue. But when I was about 7 years old, the first time I ate it, I had the ghastly surprise, after enjoying two plates full, realizing that my father had tricked me into eating tongue(he's French by the way). But after the initial shock went away...and after my stomach settled down a little too...I have enjoyed eating it, ever since! I'll have to try your recipe, it looks great!! Are those leeks along with it in the finished disk?

Lisa S-H

My grandmother used to make tongue. I always liked it because it tasted like corned beef. But the texture is a bit different. Thanks for the description. I have to pass this onto Alison and Bill!


Tongue sucks... just kidding. Actually, I love tongue... especially when you get it from a can and it comes in that crazy Madeira sauce. Fun fun fun.

le Meg

Tongue tacos were always a big hit for staff dinners in a Chicago restaurant where I worked as a server. Copious amounts of chile and lime allow one to (barely) save face.


Ms Glaze

Tongue tacos, now that sounds truly interesting. I can see how one might think it's shredded beef and not shredded tongue. With enough red sauce, I might be tempted. I haven't seen too many tacos here in Paris though – unfortuantely...


thomas loves tongue. it's a shame he didn't have any this summer.

Don Fallick

Do you always dis the food you cook? I read your page because it was the only beef tongue recipe I could find on short notice. I had the great good fortune to be raised to judge my food by the way it TASTES, not by what part of the animal's body it came from. How do you ever manage sausages? To say nothing of tripe or escargot! Guess it helps that I also lived on a farm for 10 years, and got really chummy with my food....


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