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August 24, 2006



I was going through the BlogHer archives today and found a link to your website that was posted this past April. I read that one post and then had to read some more...you have a great website! :)


I have a great diet recipe for you.
Think of everything you love to eat. Now, Don't eat it!

Fingers crossed for you with the meat station when you return to work!


Looking forward to more stories.

Ahh... the satisfaction of deboning. The "double entendre" is totally unintentional.


I can't believe I complain having to go to Whole foods which only takes me around 30-45 mins to get all my groceries done. But at least you are getting some exercise and I suspect the food there is way more fresher and organic than Whole Foods ever can be. ;)

I hope you are well-rested from your vacation and that your first day at work is great!


I picked up some nice dinner ingredients at Whole Foods last night (for a fig, peach and goat cheese salad)...yes I'm a brat, but soon I'll be a poor student with no money for organic.

Still, I miss the slow process of food and shopping in Paris, where food is treated with so much respect.

I'm working on my first catering job right now, wish me luck!


OMG, all this butchering of la viand...Have you ever seen Jean-Pierre Jeunet's movie, Delicatessen ? If not run out and rent it. You'll be happy as a clam. It's a butcher's dream with a bit of cannibalism thrown in. Very witty really.
You should be able to veiw the trailer/bande announce here-


Any chance of sharing that knife sharper's address? Mine need some attention!
I'm with you on the 'diet'....spent a couple of weeks in the U.S. and am feeling the pudgy from all of my visits to my favorite haunts!


Have you read HEAT by Bill Buford? Ohmygod (that's a California girl, for you)--it's great. All about meat and cooking. I think it might be your cup of tea.

Susan Hanson

Hello ... I am currently living in Paris and am in dire need of having my knives sharpened. Do you have the name/address of the little shop that you took your knives to?


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