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August 26, 2006


Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Yeah! SO much fun to read your story. Look at your ease with pigeons now! I think your turned a bit French, and I turned a bit American ahahah!


Poor little chicken! Quelle sadiste! maybe it's because you're a scorp.

c'est la chasse, ma chérie!



and so true about french men thinking they're fat. my bf skips dinner if I don't cook it for him. I tell him to cut down on the pains au chocolat at breakfast but he looks at me as if I told him to stop breathing!


But what had the pigeons done? they had forgottenthemselves on your head ? then I understand !! I mean, don't tell me your restaurant serves real pigeons, you do serve pigeons from the pigeon factory, like others right ?


Well HOORAY for the meat station!
I say they're very lucky to have you!!
And your French seems to have advanced as well. Funny, looking at that picture of the poor chicken, oops pigeon (and I'm no PETA member) but I made your funny "stinky" face that you post sometimes - it must be contageous. Hard to imagine searing a chicken breast as sexy - you're definitely turning French on us.
What's this about la chasse? is that like the le rentrée? Fill us in S.V.P.


I see that pigeon comes with a label so its not de -feathered by you. Can you imagine getting that job and all the feathers floating around the kitchen? LOL
Three cheers to you - back on the meat section!
Looking forward to reading your adventures.


As I was reading your post this morning a pigeon landed on the patio.... I looked at it and smiled and thought thoughts of stuffed pigeon leg....

No sooner had I had this thought but the pigeon turned, looked at me and made a VERY quick exit...


I think I have an idea where you're getting all those pigeons from ;)


Nice site and interesting write-up. I wish I can cook. I may be planning a trip to Paris to try out the different restaurants there. I think that'll be fun. :)

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