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August 11, 2006


Harriette Shakes

Amy is a superb cook with a light, subtle touch, and she comes from a long line of good cooks on both sides of the family — all with different styles and interests. While her appreciative nod to my home cooking is a sweet thought, truth be told, I'm the least of line!
— Her Mom


I understand what you mean Amy. My dad is a great cook, I just love the simplicity of his cooking. But then I started experimenting in cooking, using him and others as ginny pigs. After a while, I started getting better and they were really liking my food, which made me feel great and keep me motivated.

On the other hand, now, whenever I go home (which is far too rarely nowadays, as I live thousands of miles away), he likes to cook for me (which I absolutely love), but he gets nervous all the time and questioning his menu choice. It's a pity, it's like when you enjoy talking about good food, and like experimenting with your own cooking skill, that you all of a sudden don't appreciate simple home cooking anymore.

In the end, most often, the best meal is only a third about the food, the other two thirds are about enjoying the company and the setting. It took me a while to realize this, but I think that this is the most important thing that my passion about food taught me in the last few years.


Hey, are you in the City? Drop me an email. I most certainly will NOT cook for you, but I'd be happy to meet you for a burrito!


Mad William

Being an artist, I have the same problem with "Pictionary", Everyone expectes me to be great at it...It's too much preasure. I just want to draw stick people and have some fun.


I made a massive sheeeesh kabooby for my parents (they are in their 80s) and their friends (who are in their 70s) this past June. Everyone showed up at 6:30 and, now I realize one secret, had drinks until 7:30. Then they came over to me in the kitchen and said, "How's it going?" I'm like, in a few minutes. I was skewering and marinating and stretching out the time a bit. "Nope, fire's not hot enough!" Then, when they were starving, I put on the keboobies. It must have been 8:30 before they put in their chompers and ate like there was no manaña. Ho ho ho! Actually, it was good, but it wasn't as great as they said. Boozed up, I was their star.

OK, Grandma's chicken soup, Ms. Glaze!


I have a chef/niece, and it is kind of terrifying to cook for her OR to eat her organic-vegan-raw food, which I don't much care for..hmmm..Other people's expectations - not easy...

Ms. Glaze

Mom – You're waaaaaay too modest.

Nico – I totally agree that the food is only a part of the meal and the rest is really enjoying the people you're spending it with.

Buzzgirl – Can you believe that I've been back for a week and I still haven't had a burrito? I did have some fish tacos in Napa that didn't cut it. Uggh. Unfortunately I'm heading back in the next day as long as these terrorist attempts die down...little scary...

MadWilliam – ah, pictionary. I'm horrible at that game. I like the one where you can act it out or draw it.

Matthew – I often attempt to get people at my dinner parties boozed up before serving them food. It helps to level the playing field. Mmmm, chicken soup...

Paris Breakfasts – organic, vegan, raw food...hmmmm... not totally into that, but I like to appreciate from afar. The first one is enough for me.


I have to tell you the truth. If you came to my house I would be worried to cook for you too. Mind you, I have the worlds worst oven and I would love to see if you could get anything decent to work in it! LOL

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Paris Breakfasts – organic, vegan, raw food...hmmmm... not totally into that, but I like to appreciate from afar. The first one is enough for me.

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