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August 13, 2006



Yogurt from Amorino's is my all-time favourite ice-cream on this world !!! Guesss I am lucky to move to Paris soon (j-7), to be able to enjoy it every day....


Hmmm...looks like you didn't get to taste Il Labatorio di Gelato's Greek Yogart ice cream when you were on the Lower East Side? You would have to throw away Amorino if you did IMO.This looks deliscious!


good recipe, but the vanilla takes away some of the freshness. I actually had a good, very good yoghurt gelato in paris, but not at ammorinos or whatever it is called. It was a fancy white spot in the Jewish area, called something like pozetti? or pozzettos. I am not very good with names. It was served with a blackberry sauce on top. Delicious!! really tasty and light, not like the ones we get in the States


Is this the gelato that's found in Italy? I've never had icecream in Paris (may have had eyes for other dessert), but I always look forward to eating yogurt gelato in Italy. I've only found this icecream in Berkeley, CA at Gelato Milano. If you know anywhere in San Francisco or peninsula, it would be a great push for me to leave Berkeley and live in SF or peuninsula.

Otherwise, I hope I can make yogurt icecream myself with your recipe so I can live wherever.

Thank for putting the info.

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