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September 16, 2006



hai !
Normally Chicken is a wonderfull recipe, there is a lots and lots dishes can be done with Chicken.

Mad William

I do hope you can work out your visa, we are looking forawrd to visiting your resaurant later this year.

The thought of the mandoline brought back wonderful memories that made my hands hurt. Scars that will last forever. Ouch!


I do hope your visa problem gets sorted out.
Now, if I was at your restaurant I would not be impressed with the pigs bladder popping presentation. Besides being sort of revolting - it just looks too "try hard"!!!


> at the 3-star restaurant

Unfortunately, there isn't much on the site; just a pop-up with some text & a newsletter you can subscribe to. :-(

laura @ cucina testa rossa

this is awesome! where are you cooking?!?!


just let us know if we can help in any way :)


the work visa is difficult and could require you to leave the country... but as long as it is in the works... usually it all works out and i wouldn't worry or stress out about it. have guy make some phone calls... could speed things up.


oh my god the chefs really are hot, you weren't kidding.

Ms. Glaze

Maitresse – I keep telling you to come in and do the 100euro lunch. I promise it will be a meal you never forget. Then I can give you the kitchen tour and introduce to you all the HOT chefs. There are many and they are mostly single....

Ms. Glaze

Ps. When will you have this chance again? Champagne on me darling...

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