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September 10, 2006



I'm so happy to finally know how to make this sandwhich. I ate one in cafe last December and it was one of those divine moments from my trip that I remember vividly.


three star croque monsieur, this is a real concept :)


Too funny -- I had a croque just yesterday, at Le Zinc in Noe Valley just a couple blocks from my house. The croque was serviceably good but the service was completely not. Feh!


What a beautiful croque! My mother in law gave me a little tip about beating an egg into the béchamel. It becomes really creamy and tastes wonderful, but maybe then it's a whole new sauce with the egg added in.


a personal favorite of mine. for thomas, it is most definitely the madame version of this sandwhich.


Oh hell, now i feel hungry! LOL


Oh that looks unbearably YUMMY! I was just thinking of trying to paint a C.M. I took a picture of in Paris...took a picture of only..didn't dare eat with all the other stuff I was wolfing down..next time I'll give into temptation OUI

Ms Glaze

They are super addictive! If you whisk an egg yolk into the bechamel sauce (at a warm temperature –not too hot or the egg will scramble) then you have a what's called a Mornay sauce which is super delicious and very decadent.


Yummy! I just found your blog today and love it, but the funny thing is yesterday I was searching for CM recipes. I can't wait to find time to read all your posts!


A few years ago while visiting friends in Biloxi, Mississippi, we had lunch at a little French bistro called Pain d'Amour. The chef, a gregarious young man with a heavy Hungarian accent, made a Croque Monsieur a little differntly. Instead of baking it, he dipped the sandwich in an egg-milk mixture and cooked it on both sides in a skillet, rather like French Toast, then spread bechamel and grated gruyere on top. He slid the skillet under the broiler just long enough to melt the cheese. It was different, but delicious. Have you encountered this way of making a CM? I've got a feeling he just made it up. Oh, I shouldn't forget that he had worked as an under chef in a Paris restaurant for two or three years. The restaurant was unfortunately destroyed in the Katrina hurricane and not rebuilt nor reopened.

Ms. Glaze

Arkiebubba – That's interesting, I have never seen a CM in France made that way. It sounds a little more like a Monte Crisco sandwich. Those are normally ham sandwiches battered in egg and then cooked like French toast and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Sounds like he was combining a little bit of both?!?!


Word up Amy! I had one of these puppies at Daniel Bouluds Bar Boulud, lordy it's a lactose intolerant nightmare, but was worth the extra calories!

Keep feeding them, they shall come!

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