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October 14, 2006



Great stuff!


oooh. that is kind of creepy. those dreams...


Yes, it's official, my wife has completely lost it....I should have taken the therapy insurance out sooner!

Mad William

That's why I gave up hunting. Night mares. It's been more than 20 years and I still have them.


Blood smell and stains on your hands? Out, out, damned spot! Clean your bathroom. The bleach in the cleaning products will at least eliminate the smell, if not the stains. It works for me and I am on the fish station at my stage.


I can totally relate. I had a similar experience when I volunteered to make head cheese with a local charcuterie. Warning...graphic photos:



This epitomizes the old saying, "ignorance is bliss". I wonder how many people who can't go a day without pork chops or a steak would have the stomach to butcher the animal themselves.


One should always remember the blood involved in making art. Lovely mesh of grit, growl, fantasy and fowl Ms. Glaze. Looking forward to your cook book.




Fascinating, but yes very creepy. I hope you won't have to do this for too much longer.


This triggered a memory of a book I just read that said that blood never washes out. Sure, you can wash it away, but anyone who has ever watched CSI knows that blood can be seen under ultraviolet light.

It went on to say that Lady Macbeth was right.


That discard pile really creeped me out.


It`s exhaustion - would be my best guess. An uneducated guess (I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on tv). But the diagnosis is based on my experience of recently starting work again and dreaming of nothing but work for 2 weeks straight; though nothing quite so creepy.

Paul Wilson

He had a dream. Walter Scott had similar dreams that started nice and then showed something HIDEOUS: a snake with a human head, a girl suffocated in a chest and a painting of a mad doctor dissecting himself ! Lovecraft also had mad dreams that inspired some of his terrific tales.

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