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October 28, 2006


Mad William

That is amazing. I am at a loss. As much as I love food and cooking and trying new things, that was just sad.
That is something you would not see in the States. Viva la France.


ohh god that is SICK! i hope you didnt eat that for you birthday dinner...


This may bring me closer to my meals than I want to be...chocolate chips, anyone?


I marvel. You're amazing.


Oooh, les marcassins are sooo damn cute. Did they serve up the brain too?


Your blog has morphed into the bizarro-opposite world version of cute overload! It\'s OK, it\'s still fascinating to hear about the kitchen drama at a 3-star restaurant even if the pictures are a little squicky ;)


hunting season fits perfectly with halloween. you know, if you wanted, you could dress up for halloween in the kitchen. i would avoid wearing animal print, since it is in season in france, and you could be next...


Yeeekkk, damned coming to your blog is a risky game. When you come before lunch sometimes ypou get hungry like the wolf, but this one just cuts my desire for a tartare.


After all it's just a hairy fish ? Who cares about fishes being stripped? No one, so.....

Nevertheless, looks to me more like pictures you should put on the menu to be sure people know what they eat :D


Oh, wow. I just got done reading Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential," and I thought of you more than once as I read it. Great book.

And good job on the cute leetle bebe peeg.


I grew up in farm country in the 1950s. This sort of thing happened all the time there/then, so the pics are no big deal. What I want to know is did it look just like the last picture (pig in the pan) when they showed it to the table? Or did it get dressed up for that act?

Ms. Glaze

HI Gwar! We just took the toothpicks out of the eyes and plopped it on a wooden planche with a sprig of thyme and bay leaf. Jus was drizzled over the top for magpie appeal – c'est tout! Then the little piggy was brought back and carved and arranged on plates to look pretty.

laura @ cucina testa rossa

oh i'd have a hard time with this one.... that's why i stick with fish. no pleading bambi eyes or soft fur, just nasty spikes and scales and slimy skin.... and when they yell at you just smile. i'll tell you the story when i see you of the chef that tried to get me fired or get me to quit every day.


This is the most sickening thing I have ever seen. I don't know how you can sleep at night.

Big Mumma

That's just disgusting. This is why there is nothing in my home that requires the death or torture of an animal. It's just sickening and unbelievable. And for the record, fish are living breathing creatures too so it's not justified by saying it's a hairy fish!


You stated early in the blog, that you asked your boss, was it fair to hunt animals that young - yet you cook it and serve it...
if you ask me your questioning of morals is pretty out of whack, because as you cook and serve it - your promoting that it's alright to slaughter young animals.
I also find it quite disgusting that you take pictures of you and your co-workers holding up the animals as you skin and gut and whatever else to those animals as if they are, and never were anything of value.
So why are you questioning yourself if your obviously alright with it? Doesn't it bother you at all that what you're "gutting" once used those organs and muscles to live?
Just as your freely express your ideas and views of what you do, I'm freely expressing my ideas and opinions.

Ms. glaze

Alexa – I hear what your're saying and one of the reasons I post pictures that aren't cute is because I want people to be aware of the food chain. I want people to know that animals don't just come packaged in the store. The boar wasn't tortured. It was killed quickly by a hunting dog.

Yes, it does bother me to butcher baby animals, but the fact remains that they taste better. Have you ever eaten suckling pig or veal or lamb or even chicken for that matter? They are all babies. I would rather eat animlas that have at least lived their life happy in the wild then raised in a farm.

Also, the animal was dead. What do you want me to do? Waste it??? That would be an even bigger disgrace in my opinion to the animal's life. Then he would have given up his life for nothing.

I want people to think about where food comes from. I want people to connect it to the living. Obviously, I was successful or you wouldn't have had such a knee-jerk reaction to my post.

Let me ask you this - was it okay for our ancestors to hunt and eat what they killed, but now it's not? Are some animals killable and others aren't.

Again, that you for your comment. I really do value what you are saying and I hope that I have in some way answered your concerns.


An excellent use of a protien resource. If you think this is revolting! You should see the cute calves that go into your hamburgers.


I am amazed.. I have a 6 week old baby wild pig that looks just like this one and i must say some peole are straight up nasty! we have 4 dogs and 2 cats and i just can't picture us eating them. The people who eat these pigs should try having one as a pet and they will find they are great pets


seems sad however, living in rural outskirts of Houston there are so many wild hogs(Male, female and yes even babies. they are destroying everything in sight. lawn, landscaping, irrigation, grown trees, vehicles...They multiply like rabbits. There is no choice but to destroy them. Yes in the US!!

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Ok that's disgusting... i guess you should prepare it in must clean enviroment because you don't know what of disease it could have do the contamination.

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