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November 24, 2006



Great post. Even the part about the pus oozing from your cuticle.


Ms Glaze.. I love reading your blog.. but next time..lol I'll make sure not to be drinking super hot coffee while reading your new posts.. I really should have a tolerance for oozing, yellow, puss bubbles, having observed cardio-thoracic surgery at Children's but.. I still nearly spat my coffee out.. I'd say, it was quite hilarious in a morbidly gross-out kind of way.. You Rock Miss Glaze..

(ps.. I decided not to go into surgery.. but I think you'd be good at it.. =P)


Beef up your vitamins Miss Glaze. All that work and long hours will not help you heel. Otherwise, Congrats for being the only woman working on the Viande Station at a 3 star Rest.! If you do not blow your trumpet who will??? LOL
C'est Normal I say!


As the man who provides insurance for this family, to know that you are still going to a witch doctor for surgery instead of the hopital americain makes me want to stop paying the electrical bills and go back to burning whale fat for light and carrier pigeons for communication. Look out Ben Franklin, here we come!

Amy Alkon

Hubby is adorable, and reminds me of my very sweet, but sometimes-perplexed-by-crazy-writergirl-me boyfriend.

Love reading your blog, Ms. G.


I love reading your blog but this particular post struck a cord: after many years as pastry chef and bread maker at a restaurant I caught a fungus similar to yours (I think) on my cuticle. Unfortunately these things can spread, attack the nail and make itvery brittle,especially after a couple of months. Go see a doc, because no matter how many times I poked and squeezed, only antibiotics do the tricks.
Temporary relief: soak your finger in hot water and Epsum salt.
Good luck!


normally, when i read your post, you make me hungry, but today, well, i question eating at that fine restaurant of yours... ;0)


You should try blackblack - it's a japanese gum infused with caffeine - helps keep you going while you're chewing...


I get strange looks every morning when I take the metro with coffee mug in hand! and I love it, it's the only time of day I proudly flourish my American-ness.


This blog could be of any subject and I think it'll still be a great blog. I wouldn't doubt that someday, I'll be a TV Chef personality (if you like that sort of thing).


Oops, freudian slip above! I meant you'll be a great TV Chef personality!

Ms. Glaze

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. I went out and bought some multivitamins and have been taking them every day. Ironic that I'm not getting the right nutrition since I'm surrounded by food, but I think there's a lot of truth in that.

That black gum sounds great. The last thing I need it to get hooked on nicorette although it might be too late. I haven't tried to weene myself off it yet.

My finger has healed nicely except for the fact that my cuticle is not longer symetrical, but oh well. I've never been a girly girl anyway.

I'll try not to mention puss again in a post :-)

Ms. Glaze


Nice work, mon ami. Although, I disappointed you didn't bring some chinaware or silverware samples from the white house. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, be aware of the eighth of December. It's you-know-who's birthday.

Ms. Glaze

Hi Joesy, I haven't given you your Christmas present yet....hee hee! I'll be sending home some presents for you-know-who with you-know-him for the 8th. See you guys on the 24th!!! Love ya, pops!!!

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