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December 30, 2006



Wow, the kitchen sounds intense. In the end at least you know you are creating something beautiful.


Every time I read one of your posts like this, I think of Anthony Bourdain's (mmmm, Anthony Bourdain) book, Kitchen Confidential.

As I've said before, I admire you!


What a great (if at times maddening) experience!

If you want to hang out in the Mission before your return let me know.

Happy New Year!


What a year! You made it through in one piece, well maybe a few parts missing here and there :) You should be so proud of yourself for what you have accomplished. Keep up the writing, it is so fascinating.

Gumbo girl

I love your detailed posts (and the hunger that they often cause me) and these glimpses into your world. Happy New Year.

Evelyne, Le Verre à Soi

Happy New Year, Ms Glaze. May all you have learned and been through in 2006 be the basis for a successful career in the restaurant business in 2007 and more. You have been very courageous and now you do have an exceptional experience which will be rewarded at its fair price! Bonne chance.


Ha, I love the kitchen cleaning! Way to bust up French tradition with a little American practicality. Careful though, you don't want a reputation as Madame Propre.


Happy New Year! Love reading your blog and getting to know the ins and outs of your life in Paris.
Send my love to the family! Call if you have time.




I didn't know you were (or are) in San Francisco! When are you going back to Paris? I have been calling and calling your paris number, always ending up so mad when i would get your answering machine over and over. Call me, I will send you my number over email. Send yours back so if I am at work I can call you afterwards!

I love reading about your adventures in the kitchen.


Happy New Year !!! I will never forget all the cleaning we did when I attended the CIA. Fish kitchen---it was the worst--Nothing like having to clean French Copper Pots and Pans with the food grade cleaner--(Kosher salt, White vinegar and Flour). We would smear that stuff all over the copper and scrub it down with that nasty paste we made, it smelled horrible but it worked magic just like you Mr. Clean. I still use that mixture today when I need to clean my copper, I have to say it works great. On a side note I have a Mr. Clean Bobble Head that I got from a food Show in Baltimore MD!!!
Thanx for the great post keep up the great work!!!


It's not over yet, is it? This is only vacation, right?! These posts are just too good.

Happy New Year, Glaze.

Ms. Glaze

Oh yes, my vacation is officially over. I'm sorry that I missed so many people in SF (Sara, Maureen, Buzzgirl). My 7 days came and went hopefully I'll return in Feb. for a little bit.

I'm back in Paris and I start work at 6AM tomorrow morning. Jet lag be damned!

Evelyne – I'm so glad you stopped by! I am a great admirer of your wonderful restaurant (Le Verre a Soi in the 17th). and I only wish I had more time to pop by and enjoy a glass of wine with you. Hope to see you soon!


I'm sorry I missed you while you were here. Maybe in February...come back to ring in The Year of the Pig.

: D


Wow, I've been glued to this blog for about a week now. I'm so glad you documented your experiences. I'd love to quit my job for a year and get away from the Bay Area to learn how to cook, Really Cook. Your videos were great...(except for the fish eye thing, blech). I've skinned rabbits and gut fish and cleaned poultry but, the fish eye thing...

Anyway, I think I'm becoming a fan. Happy New Year!


so very cool. i am glad you find your job rewarding. look at the negatives as challenges to overcome and think about how much you have gained in experience.

i really need to email you to do something this summer or set something up for my students.

Robert (lover of French food)

It sounds a bit like army boot camp, a test of physical stamina as well as skill. However, it sounds like the rewards make up for it for you.

One good thing, you are working in a GOOD 3-star restaurant. There are after all some bad ones. There is a 3-star restaurant just outside Lyon where I used to eat every 2 years (setting me back about 250 euros per person each time). At first the food was outstanding, but at the chef got older he has delegated authority. Now that he is 80 years old, he still shows up but his staff do all the work and I'm afraid they now do it extremely poorly. Last time I was there, out of 12 courses about 2 were edible. However, out of what I can only guess is respect for the 80 year old chef, who was perhaps the best known chef of France, the restaurant has retained its 3 stars. Of course, I no longer eat there.

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