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December 04, 2006



When I used to work those same kind of hours I will never forget the feeling of pain that would start at my feet and go all the way up my body when I would get out of bed. Later on years later that feeling went away. Keep up the good work-because this job and your blog is going to be your gateway into writing a book so that you can make a good living without standing.


Oh là là... but you ARE getting paid for it now, right? Right?


What a lovely sentiment..

Noticed that you couldn't resist with the body bits photo. They are meanwhile one of your specialities.

The fact that you work such long and strenuous hours and can still write entertaining and coherent posts, just goes to show that you are still a young chicken!

bea at La tartine gourmande

trop drole, je l'avais oublie cette expression! ;-)


you need good dansko's for the feet, and probably to wear some sort of tights for your circulation. the arms, i can't help with. but i will say chocolate is most definitely the cure for what ails you.


I was very seriously considering going to school to work as a chef at some point, but then thought it might not be quite as glamorous as I would think. Well, your blog has confirmed it - glad someone is willing to tell it like it is. My sister's a doctor, and I thought 24-hour shifts with emergency trauma patients every hour sounded bad, but seriously, your job sounds harder. It's good that there are people strong enough and talented enough to do it, but as for me, I think I'll be a sommelier instead. ;)


I love your blog. Posts like this capture what it is really like working in the restaurant industry. I worked front of the house for a bunch of years and I'll never forget hauling trays with cast iron skillets with steaks up and down stairs. My legs would be so exhausted, I would have to take asprin just to sleep at night. Eventually, I learned to take asprin to start my shift, so I could endure a double.

Oh I could tell front of the house stories...like when we ran out of food...on Father's Day! Ticket times were two hours and one server literally broke down in tears..."I just can't go back to that table with another excuse..."

Everyone should work in a restaurant at some point. It makes you much more humble...

At least you have a pastry chef on your side!


Ms. Glaze

There is a women who is just finishing her stage at the restaurant and she wears compression stockings that go thigh high. After three weeks her legs started turning black and blue from standing all day for 14 hours so a doctor prescibed her the socks. The problem is they're very very hot. Advil has become part of diet I'm afraid – that and chocolate!

Yes, the pain and exhaustion is never ending. But I've always been a glutton for punishment!

Ms. Glaze


Are these the cute chefs who were promised and not delivered to my party?

Rachel Lindsay

Hi. I came here via Megnut. I'm fascinated by your job and have really enjoyed reading about it. I also appreciate the videos you have posted, especially the fish filleting. Please do some more of these! Jointing a chicken would be great.

Best wishes to you.


I agree with La Tartine, get a pair of Dansko's if you have not already done so. I have been wearing them for the last 13 years in the kitchen. They are comfortable and you won't bust your a$$ on spilled water.



I wish I were still there giving you massage everyday to help with you aches and pains. I miss you so much!


by the way.... who is the hottie on the right in the picture of the three cooks? Why didn't you ever introduce me to him??

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