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December 25, 2006


Mlle Smith

Do the potatoes remain cooking beneath the leg of lamb for the entire duration? How long should the lamb cook?

I'm amongst the culinary challenged, so please forgive me. :0l

L'agneau, il a l'air très succulent!


Fab Chef blog! Love the great digitals too!


What exactly are pearls of Japan? I tried Googling them, but all I got were cultured pearls, and I left my Food Lover's Companion on the other side of the country.
That menu sounds incredible, and I'm glad you're getting some vacation time!

Ms. Glaze

Wow! I didn't know that Pearls of Japan don't exist in the US. I will have to look that up. They almost look like tapioca pearls but they are large and for the most part tasteless.

As for the lamb – the cooking time depends on how big the leg is so the best thing is to ask your butcher. For a leg that feeds 5-6 people count on about 50 minutes. The potatoes can cook as long as the lamb does.


Just because I'm not familiar with them doesn't mean they aren't around. Are those the big black tapioca-type pearls in some kinds of Bubble Tea?


The lamb sounds wonderful - and I too wondered about "pearls of japan". Maybe it's just large pearl tapioca? When I was a kid, large pearl tapioca pudding was known as fish eyes and glue. Have a nice trip to SF.


It's windy today in the Bay Area, but the rest of the week should be clear and beautiful.


Oh, yum. Thanks for posting this.


The desserts looks like so delicious..I'll try to cook it in the next days...

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