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January 08, 2007



ahhahah to sleep perchance to dream...what a summer. miss you!
love, sara

Jen in Chicago

Oh la! Amy! J'a crie' pour toi quand j'ai lu ton post! Good Heavens, Woman, you got really lucky that time. I read your blog all the time and it reminds me of my sejour a Paris quand j'etais jeune. It sounds like you're doing the hardest work of your life and also some of the most rewarding. Felicitations!


This reads like a screenplay! (Amy exits, stage left)


That should be it with the bad things happening to you. It usually happens in 3's!!! Banged up knees from snowboarding, stabbed by a skier and dumping oil all over the place. I wish you luck and look forward to your next post.


get some major sleep. they may serve you up if you don't get it together.


oh, nast.
poor amy!


Oh-là-là, ma pauv' chérie! Makes me tired just reading this post.

I admire you more and more.

Bonne année, anyway!

jamie b

Amy - I know you are still alive because you are still blogging. Email me PLEASE!


God bless you, honey. You're a brave soul.


Wow! I am sorry your return to work didn't go as gracefully as you would have liked. I can't imagine the looks on peoples faces when they turned as saw the days oil all over the place. I cringed just reading about it.
Still am trying to get a hold of you. Lots happening with me and I just want to chat. I am actually missing it there.


Hey Ms. Glaze, you know I'm always confusing domesticated pigeons with the wild ones, and of course the ones who crap on my window ledge. Don't you worry one widdle bit. By the way, do you know a little bistro named, L'enfant Rouge? Run by "Dany" in the 3rd. Had a salmon steak there wrapped in a thin thin pâte, probably seared then baked and absolutely fantastic. All washed down with a Vaqueyeras. Ciao chow.. MR.


Badly need your help. Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment.
I am from Nepal and now teach English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Minutes may all be then lost and saw; there must be swedish potential or archived agenda of inanimate neck."

With love 8-), Chantal.

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