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February 02, 2007



You deserved every delicious morsel!


Parce que c'est toi !!


I remember when you were crossing your fingers after you applied for your stage, and now look how far you've come! What an incredible experience. Not many people can say they've pushed themselves as hard or accomplished as much. I eagerly await the next chapter.


Ah, how very romantic! Your story would make such a lovely film. Actually, that is not true. If they made it into a film, they would take away the frustration, sweat, tears, hard work, and the fantastic food and substitute them for a romantic triangle. Your version is just perfect.

I wish to send you my best wishes that the work visa finally comes through and you are able to tell us about fish and vegetables. I also wish this happens far enough in the future that you can sleep more than you ever thought you could sleep. Long enough that your husband will no not remember how lonely he was by your constant absence. But, not long enough away that Monsieur Guy Savoy doesn't still feel beholding to you to offer you the job of your choice.


So? How long before you leave France?

I'm devastated, just devastated that this blog is coming to an end.

...or is it??


the whole thing sounds worth it. completely, 100% worth it. can't wait to see you on top chef.


what a wonderful way to "end" your stint at the restaurant. amy, your stories regularly make me grin, or want to cry on your behalf. thank you for sharing and i hope you're back in the kitchen before too long but with new energy and a happy and healthy body.

Ms. Glaze

Here ye Here ye – this blog is NOT stopping and I am only taking a break while I figure out my work visa issue. In the meantime I promise some interesting chef stories, videos, and more recipes (like I used to incldude before my work schedule became too hectic).

I've received many inspiring emails and I just wanted to say thank you. I know many readers have followed my journey for over 8 months and I feel like I know many of you from your comments; the same way you feel you know me from my stories.

I never thought that this blog would bring me closer to people all over the world or be such a positive outlet for expression, but it certainly has done both (tear!)

Merci! Merci Bien!!

Ms. Glaze

Elena Hernández

Hi Amy, This is the first time I visit your blog, actually I was googling a LCB chef and your blog came up. I attended LCB Paris many years ago and then did a stage at a Michelin starred restaurant. Reading your blog brought back so many good memories. I wish you the very best and hope you will get your work visa soon. A bientôt!

Hugs from Panama,

Elena Hernandez


I'm blubbering along with you as I read. Rest, get the work visa, and keep writing to all of us!

Take care,



I hope that next time in Paris you will be back making magic in that kitchen, and we can make it for the drinks we never got to with the chefs!

Your writing, your stories and your character and so strong. Congradulations on making it so so far in the restaurant industry, and being an amazing story teller along the way.


Ms. Glaze! I miss you so much! Especially cooking with you in classes. You were the best. I remember being pushed to the limit trying to keep up with you. Guy Savoy is unlucky to have lost you. All I can hope is that you get your work visa and get to go back and work in the station of your choice. Keep up the writing, I am sure you will. I love reading about your adventures, seeing as I am not having any of my own at the moment.
Love ya girl, Je t'aime

Can't wait to see you again,



Hi, I have never commented before but I discovered your journal not too long ago and have been reading every entry. Thanks for your stories and receipes. Besides being a talented chef, you come across as such a warm and real person too. Good luck with the work visa!! Enjoy time with your husband in the meantime, life's accomplishments mean so much more when you share them with someone :)


What a spectacular sendoff. i'm so impressed with the global knives present, too. wow! what a considerate gift. and a personalized meal by the maestro, too. can't do any better than that. here's hoping the work visa comes through at just the right time, and that you have some time for romantic adventures in paris with your husband.


Good luck! I hope you get your work visa and get onto Top Chef. Keep writing I have enjoyed every post you have written.


Ditto what Dave said. I read every word, so glad for your strong spirit and humor.

Let's meet when you get back to the Bay area!

Adrian Bennett

Hello and good day from Australia. I just discovered your blog via eGullet. I have been missing out in a big way. It's fantastic to read your stories (and especially this one)! Good luck.

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