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February 27, 2007



Sounds like Vegas, as usual, was a bust. Did you at least make any tips for the pedestal-dancing?

MS. Glaze

No! I should have though. We did get some free drinks out of it though ;-)

Lavi D.

I liked your account of partying in Vegas. The insight into the cooking world was interesting as well. It was refreshing to read an account of all-night partying in Vegas without feeling that the author was bragging.

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Lavi D.

Kari Hoffman

:( Boo. I'm sorry Sin City wasn't all you expected. Still, it sounds like you made the most of your trip anyways. I wouldn't expect any less from you. :) Miss you, Kari.


Ms Glaze!

You are truly fabulous.
I deeply respect the honest account of your trip to Guy Vegas.
My fingers remain crossed for you regarding Top Chef and I applaud you finding a way to learn (from Hung) about fish on your trip. I am seriously rsearching how to turn my love of food into a new career and your blog is a true inspiration. Now if I can just figure out how to give up the hollywood pay....

thank you,

Chef Damien LE BIHAN

Hey Amy, je suis content de voir que tu penses toujours à l'équipe de paris. Nous en tout cas on pense toujours à toi et on espère vraiment que tu vas faire TOP CHEF. Après tout ce que tout ce raconte sur Las Vegas et leur équipements, me rend encore plus impatient pour partir travailler à Moscou. Profites bien de ton séjour chez tes parents et reviens nous en pleine forme.
A bientôt.

Chez Tse

I think Guy Savoy here in Paris would be thrilled to have you back! I know everyone misses you, and they all admire how hard you worked. Plus as Laurent said, you added that feminine touch to the kitchen which it sorely lacks. I just wish I would still be around when you come back. Once I'm gone, there will only be one woman left with all that testosterone! Can't wait to go to Le Meurice when you return for lunch. Let's see what those other three-star restaurants in Paris are doing to impress their clients. See you soon -


Great! I spent the last day reading your adventures in Paris, and looking forward to eating at Guy Savoy next week, when I'm visiting Paris... Until I got to these last few posts, discovering you're no longer in Paris. Anyway, I might still go to eat there, even though part of the charm will be lost (the charm of knowing that my food has been prepared by a red-headed American with an asymetric cuticle)...
So are you coming back to Paris at all?


So when are u back ????



That was a fun night! Drank too much, smoked too much, made out with a random boy who's accent started to piss me off way too much. ahhh Vegas!
It was so good to see you again, I can't wait to come visit you in good ol Paris!

Much love and humor (never too little of that when we are together)


Le Meg

What a story! Now hurry back so that we can read (or witness) some debauchery in the other city of lights.

Leesa  G.

Loved your account of Vegas... I wish you had more time to explore Sin City.. I took my hubby there for our honeymoon.. His first time!!! Hope you make it back again one day... to see the sights and spectacles... Leesa


Ms Glaze,
Hope you tried out again and were picked for TC4.

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If I'm playing roulette, poker, or whatever at a Detroit casino, do I get free drinks? If so, Yes, I know to tip the waitress. Also, can I get top shelf ingredients like Patron, Grey Goose, etc. for Free too?

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